¡¾Tourmaline(BiXi)¡¿  Photo
¡¾Vermiculite¡¿  Photo
¡¾Datang jade picture¡¿  Photo
¡¾Quartz sand¡¿  Photo
¡¾Ceramic granule¡¿  Photo
¡¾Metal Magnesium granule¡¿  Photo
¡¾Dolomit¡¿  Photo
¡¾Obsidian¡¿  Photo
¡¾Jade Cobble¡¿  Photo
¡¾Jade Plates¡¿  Photo
¡¾OEM¡¿  Photo

       The company is growing stronger. Innovation plays a key role in the development in Hongyan Company. The products and the technology are renew unceasingly.
The core of culture is innovation; this culture system has been formed in more than 10 year enterprise business. Good faith, idea, strategy, organization, technology, market, all of those accompany with Hongyan Company from puny to strong.

       In knowledge economy time, the company continues to readjust product structure by the market change, improve technology and get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Just like this our can remain invincible in the drastic compete. In this meaning, the necessary reason of corporation¡¯s exist and develop is innovation, and it¡¯s the company the life. If there have innovation, the company will have power and beautiful tomorrow.
       Share success with Customer, seek development with staff, and advance together with society.


Innovation Good faith Technology Quality