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Magnesium granule is made from high purity magnesium ingot (99.95%). Its shape is spherical and has good liquidity. The granule is silver white-colored. The fusing point is 648.8¡æand boiling point is 1107¡æ. Light weight. Density is 1.74g/cm3, 1/4 of the density of copper and 2/3 of the aluminum.  It has strong chemical activity, with high oxygen affinity, and it is often used as reductant to replace titanium, zircon, uranium, and beryllium and so on. Magnesium in powder or strip shape is very easy to burn in air, and when burning, it has glared light. Magnesium has no magnetic, but has good thermal dispersion performance. Magnesium has low density and high specific intensity, and it is easy to make high-strength alloy with aluminum, copper, zinc and other metals. Magnesium is an important alloying metal.
Specification: 4-6 mesh, 6-8 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh.
Magnesium is one of the nonferrous materials with faster development and wider uses in the world. With the fast development of the modern industry, magnesium is more important in raw material industry. It is mainly used in:
(1) National defense industry: can be made into rocket head, detonating fuse head of guided missile, aerospace equipment parts, and illuminating projectile and so on.
 (2) Metallurgy: can be used in production of aluminium alloy, pressure casting, steelmaking desulfurization, rare earth alloy, metal reduction and so on.
(3) Water treatment: can be used in water treatment, improving negative potential, make macromolecules regiment into small molecules.