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Jade handicraft
The company is specialized in producing Datang jade picture and natural jade painting, which has more than 160 kinds, such as Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, ride on the crest of success, success immediately upon arrival, a photograph of the whole family, rich and honor, plain sailing, love for all seasons, have a bright future, gold and jade fill the hall, treasures fill the home and so on. The jade pictures are made by natural polychromatic jades. The specifications includes 34¡Á42cm¡¢42¡Á54cm¡¢48¡Á60cm¡¢60¡Á80cm¡¢80¡Á120cm¡¢40¡Á88cm, and the shapes are square, rectangle, diamond, sector and so on. The jade picture is perfect in workmanship, feast for the eyes, elegant and graceful. It is a notable gift with collection and ornamental value, and also is the most ideal home decoration accessories. We can make the jade pictures according to the customers¡¯ requirements.