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Ceramsite is made from tourmaline powder. When used in purification container, it can remove the chlorine in the tap water, and change the acidity of the water; meanwhile, it can enhance the activity of drinking water and increase the anion in the air.
Anion water is the tap water after treatment and then treated by anion generation material. It has the following characteristics: meta-alkalescence, no bacteria, organics, containing ionic state minerals, small molecular group, and strong solubility and penetrability. Drinking the anion water can neutralize the surplus acid in human body and maintain the body¡¯s normal physiological function. It has surface activity, thus it can make the material in body such as cholesterol emulsify and form oil-in-water emulsion; and the emulsions cannot sediment and accumulate on the wall of the blood vessel to prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis.
According to the above mechanism, when bathing in the bathtub with anion generation material soaking in, people can feel that the blood flow increasing; showering has the same function. The used bath water has no bacteria for a long time; therefore it proves that the material has strong sterilization effect. The tourmaline flint we produce can be used in water treatment, bathing pool and in fish tank as decoration; meanwhile it can improve the water quality.
The specifications of ceramsite are: 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 6-8mm, 8-12mm and other specifications. The colors include: red, black, white, grey, yellow, pink and other colors. Shapes include sphere, column, irregular shape and others. The kinds of ceramsite are: tourmaline ceramsite, Maifan stone ceramsite, anion ceramsite, far infrared ceramsite, alkaline ceramsite, Guiyang stone ceramsite, vitamin ceramsite, coral ceramsite, molecule ceramsite, germanium ceramsite, negative potential ceramsite, Muyu stone ceramsite, volatility ceramsite, energy ceramsite and so on.